h i d d e n h o u s e p r e s s

c e n t r i f u g a l c o l l i s i o n C r e d o : a t t e m p t t h e I m p o s s i b l e

O U T N O W__________________
BC35: 35 years of BC Studio many thanks to Bronson Recordings for putting out this epic testament to the relevance and longevity of BC Studio
Produced by Martin Bisi + Genevieve Fernworthythe BC35 is a MUST HAVE for anyone with a penchant for the weird, the irreverent, and the loud.VERY PLEASED to have collaborated on this.
Tidal Channel shares a bonus 7" split with an ensemble featuringCinema Cinema, Mikel Dos Santos, and David Lackner.

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new full length release MOCK TROUGH RASPING CROW by BILLY CANCEL available on BlazeVOX