Cameo Boneyard: autopilot destiny appeal

hi friend!

if you have reached this link

then thank you for participating in this release.

autopilot destiny appeal is planned for completion in October

and will be compiled + printed + assembled + mailed

to as wide a reach as possible

free resources or tools will be used wherever they are available

a trifold insert card, with abbreviated information (photo, 1-line, QR code) will also be made,

and sent in-lieu of a book,

with the option for us to give them out freely as promo,

and/or sold cheaply, as an elegant broadside and playlist.

these, i hope, we can print, as has been suggested, risograph.

For the trifold, I will need:

- a short description-- can be 1 sentence, or a fragment

either of your solo project or your song

(example: "existential angst that made them music’s preeminent doomsayers")

For the book I will need:

- one song (the QR code will direct to a link where it can be heard/shared)

- one photo (band photo, album cover, or artwork otherwise)

- the answers to these questions:

Written while under the influence of

Members are


Lyrics involve

Orchestration is

Best listened to

Last work was completed

Current projects include

Please get this information to me as soon as possible.

below is a .jpg to give you an idea

(for those who were not in the last edition)

of how the images + text will appear in format

(click to enlarge)

the dimension of the book is 6in x 9in, Black and White.

the photo you provide doesn't necessarily have to be high-res

but should def. be able to be enlarged without noise.

and if you can,

please donate.

you can give me $ in-person, or just PayPal me at

consider that, at the moment it's looking to be around $6/book COST TO PRINT.

$10 is great + $20 is greater

I'd like to be able to hand everyone at least a few copies for themselves to do what thou wilt

this doesn't include shipping/mailing costs, etc. which

in the US, UK, and Europe, the finished book (and/or the trifold insert) should be sent to over 300 recipients

independent bookstores + music shops, venues + labels, writers + magazines.

as you might expect from me, I am tracking my time and other input involved in this project.

i think that the idea is strong enough, and our musical output + contributions worthy enough,

that it justifies my investing the thought, time, energy, and cash

to create, edit, mail and distribute these materials.

many thanks again to you all

for sharing your selves

for your friendship + collaboration