New Release from Billy Cancel

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GNARLED TWIRLsoon he’ll be as thin as a strawyuppie larva techno optimismthroughout diapausesit might rain am eating grass my knee cap aches
MOPE YIELDdislike having my vision hampered by berry thicketthus idiocy renews its leasesirloin this is shin talkingit’s the start of the month pheasants are silent
STAR CLONE SLICEnot for some jerkswater strobe light honeyone rainbow loaded autumn daymy throat soaked my teeth chalkghost train or fun house given the choice you choose
MULTI-TRACK LAGinhale havoc improvise bloomswivel eye declaresas cartoon squelches emit from your mouthcome out of the turbine darling

PSYCHO’CLOCK is 6 bright sporengine flotillas which germinated off GAUZE COAST Billy Cancel’s previous work.
This rapid robust broadcast (part-hibernation stock & part plunderphonic swag) states “would rather survey mouse damage at the bottom of a sack than hear another classic vanish account”.
The urgency & balance of this work is won by splitting & crowning disparate fragments into rude coalition then (while falling short of a microclimate) offering celestial navigation for weirdos & comfort to all those in peril of the scene.
$14+ 2.81 USPS standard domestic shipping